UGC NET December 2012: Answer Key for Paper 1 (PART 2)

UGC NET December 2012: Paper 1: Answer Key ( Part 2 )

The following answers have been collected from various sources from books and internet. 
If you find any answer incorrect, kindly inform so that it can be corrected. 

31. which one of the following is incorrect
Answer: D [  (17)10 = (10001)2   ]
32. file extension in MS Word 2007
Answer: C (.docx)
33. protocol used by email clients to download email
Answer: D (POP)
34. Source of methane
Answer: A (wetlands)
35. Cause of Minamata Disaster in Japan
Answer: B (Mercury)
36. Bio-magnification means
Answer: A (Concentration of pollutants in living organisms)
37. Nagoya protocol is related to
Answer: D (biodiversity)
38. Second most important source after fossil fuel
Answer: C (Hydro power)
39. In case of earthquakes, increase of magnitude 1 implies
Answer:  A (a ten fold increase in the amplitude of seismic waves)
40. which one is not a measure of HDI
Answer: C (Sex ratio)
41. Highest number of students 
Answer: B (USA)
42. Statements about the Attorney General of India
Answer: A (1 and 4)
43. Which prefixes the president desires to discontinue
Answer: A (1 and 3)
44. what can be done in financial emergency
Answer: D (2 and 3)
45. Match the lists
Answer: A (iv - i - iii - ii)
46. for efficient and durable learning
Answer: D (desired level of ability and motivation)
47. Classroom communication must be
Answer: B (student Centric)
48. Best method of teaching is
Answer: D (initiate a discussion and participate in it)
49. Interaction inside classroom should generate
Answer: C (Ideas)
50. Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child means
Answer: C (undesirable behaviour must be punished)
51. Type of Classroom communication
Answer: C (group communication)
52. indication of quality of research journal
Answer: A (Impact Factor)
53. Good research ethics
Answer: A (not disclosing the holdings of..........)
54. Sampling method based on probability
Answer: D (stratified sampling)
55. 'Some men are not honest' opposite is
Answer: B (some men are honest)
56. A stipulative definition is
Answer: D (neither true nor false)
57. Appropriate alternative of Preceptor
Answer: C (perceiver)
58. Statement 'most of the students are obedient' ......
Answer: C (III and IV)
59. Deductive argument claims that....
Answer: D (all of the above)
60. Which reference is written as per the APA format
Answer: all answers are same!


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