UGC NET December 2012: Answer Key for Paper 1 (PART 1)

UGC NET December 2012: Paper 1: Answer Key ( Part 1 )

The following answers have been collected from various sources from books and internet. 
If you find any answer incorrect, kindly inform so that it can be corrected. 

1. Steps of Research in Correct sequence: 
Answer: B (1-2-4-3-5-6)
2. incorrect statement about hypothesis:
Answer: D (Scientific hypothesis is a scientific theory)
3. Comprehension Passage : Popular view about the process of urbanization: 
Answer: B (Negative)
4. The average annual increase in the urbanites
Answer: A (30 Million)
5. The reality of urbanization: 
Answer: A (how well the situation has been managed)
6. Not an indicator of urban quality of life: 
Answer: A (tempo of urbanization)
7. The author has tried to focis on 
Answer: C (Analytical Reasoning)
8. The author intends to State
Answer: D (the limits to growth)
9. Communication word is derived from
Answer: A (Communis and Communicare)
10. Mao Zedong...Type of Communication:
Answer: A (Mass line Communication)
11. Conversing with spirits and ancestors
Answer: A (Transpersonal Communication)
12. Largest circulated daily newspaper:
Answer: A (The Times of India)
13. Pioneer of Silent Feature Films in India
Answer: D (Dada Sahib Phalke)
14. Classroom Communication rests of the principle of 
Answer: B (Edutainment)
15. The missing number in the series
Answer: D (210)
16. The number of ways a group can be formed
Answer: B (100)
17. The average of the whole group
Answer: C (15/4)
Answer: A (AMSLR)
19. The sum of the ages of two persons
Answer: A (30,20)
20. Let 'a' means minus(-)..........
Answer: D (14)
21. Assertion I & II
Answer: A (both the assertion I and II are forms of arguments)
22. The DATA TABLE........  expenditure less than 5% of the total expenditure......
Answer: B (Three)
23. in which year the expenditure has increased at the highest rate
Answer: B (2008-09)
24. Activity which is almost stagnant:
Answer: C (Information & Broadcasting)
25. Expenditure share equal to the remaining three items
Answer: C (labour and employment)
26. Highest rate of increase from 2007-08 to 2010-11
Answer: D (overall social services)
27. item which has registered the highest rate of decline from 2007-08 to 2009-10
Answer: B (health and family welfare)
28. ALU stands for
Answer: D (arithmetic logic unit)
29. number of chips mounted on a circuit board
Answer: D (motherboard)
30. Computer virus is a 
Answer: C (software)


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