Board of School Education, Haryana, Bhiwani: Date Sheet for D.ed 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester

Board of School Education, Haryana, Bhiwani, has issued the Date Sheet for D.ed 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semesters:

Date Sheet (Theory Papers) for D.Ed. Ist. Semester(Regular/Re-appear New syllabus)
(Time 02-00 PM to 05-00 PM)

DATE                     DAY                                   COURSE CODE/SUBJECT NAME
18-02-2013           Monday                       DE 101- Childhood and the Development of Children
20-02-2013        Wednesday                    DE 102- Education Society Curriculum and Learners
22-02-2013            Friday                        DE 103- Contemporary Indian Society

Date Sheet (Theory Papers) for D. Ed. 2nd Semester (Re-Appear New syllabus)
(Time 10-00 AM to 01-00 PM)

DATE                    DAY                                  COURSE CODE/SUBJECT NAME
18-02-2013         Monday                        DE 201- Understanding Language and early Literacy
20-02-2013      Wednesday                     DE 202- Proficiency in Hindi/
                                                            DE 205- Proficiency in Urdu
22-02-2013          Friday                         DE 203- Proficiency in English
23-02-2013       Saturday                        DE 204- Mathematics Education for Primary School Child

Date Sheet (Theory Papers) for D. Ed. 3rd Semester (Regular New syllabus)
(Time 02-00 PM to 05-00 PM)

DATE                   DAY                                  COURSE CODE/SUBJECT NAME
16-02-2013        Saturday                       DE 301- Cognition, Learning and the Socio-Cultural Context
19-02-2013        Tuesday                        DE 302- School Culture, Leadership and change
21-02-2013        Thursday                       DE 303- Diversity, Gender and Inclusive Education
23-02-2013        Saturday                       DE 304- Pedagogy of Environmental Studies
26-02-2013        Tuesday                        DE 305- Pedagogy of Hindi Teaching /
                                                            DE 306- Pedagogy of Urdu Teaching

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